Your Business Plan

Entrepreneurs who wish to be considered for TFBI's Business Incubation Program are required to submit a preliminary business plan along with a completed application form.

What is a Business Plan:
A business plan is a written document that outlines the goals of a business and the various strategies required to achieve them. For an entrepreneur, it should identify the nature and context of the business opportunty. The plan should present the approach to be taken to exploit the opportunity. It identifies the the factors that will most likely determine whether the business will be successful. It should represent a effective business model.

The business plan is first and foremost a roadmap to guide the entrepreneur in managing the venture. Secondly, it be used as tool for raising financial capital for start-up and on-going operation.

Section I:  
Executive Summary  
Company Profile  
Section II:  
Marketing Plan  
- Market Research  
- Marketing Strategies  
- Sales Plan  
Section III:  
Operations plan  
- Operations Process  
- Resources  
Section IV:  
Financial Plan  
- Cash Flow Forecast  
- Balance Sheet  
- Income Statement  
- Sources of funding  

Finding help on developing a Business Plan:
There are many resources online with examples of business plans. The following are excellent resources:

The Canada Business, Service for Entrepreneurs

Excellent resources are readily available at the Toronto Public Library.

Many Small Business Development Centres provide free business advisory services and will help you develop your Business Plan.

Enterprise Toronto

Application Submisssion Address:
Submit completed applications and business plans to