City of Toronto Food Sector

Toronto's food and beverage cluster is of great importance to the region, and along with Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, is one of the largest food and beverage clusters on the continent. In 2010, Toronto's food and beverage cluster had annual sales of about $17 billion* (Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, 2010).

In the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), there are approximately 995 food and beverage manufacturing establishments employing over 60,000 people (Sources: Canadian Business Patterns, Dec. 2012; and Labour Force Survey, 2012).

Within Ontario, Toronto dominates the provincial food industry with more than half of all the food processing in the province taking place within the Greater Toronto region.

* About 47.2% of Ontario's employment in the food and beverage Sector was in Toronto CMA in 2010. The total annual sales in the Toronto CMA were estimated to be $16.6 billion or 47.2% of Ontario's annual sales of $35.09 billion in 2010.

SOURCE: City of Toronto