TFBI Success Stories


  Animal Sense Pet Products Inc.
Laura Boston started the company and was one of the first TFBI Commercial Members. She specializes in no gluten, organic, dog and cat teats. Her company has created and is now producing 2 varieties.
She has developed a brand, packaging and has attended a number of tradeshows, where her product has been well received. The company has recently launched a organic shampoos for pets. There is a large and growing market for her niche products.

  TeaAura Inc.
Susan Ho has written a business plan and is developing a line of tea flavored short-bread styled biscuits. A graduate of the SEB (Self Employment Benefit) Program, her background includes some family history in small scale food processing. This is her first venture. The company will be scaling up production in the TFBI Kitchen, then developing packaging, POS and marketing material with the help of TFBI mentors. TeaAura's unique line of biscuits can be found in select specialty stores across the GTA.

  SMP Foods Inc.
New to the Food Business Sam and Martha Preston started with a line of Columbian style Empanadas. The company now produces approx 1800 per week. Their customers include Summerhill Market, Pusateri's Fine Foods, Brunio's Fine Foods. The company is now experimenting with 5-varieties and a new line of sauces. SMP Food products may be purchased frozen or fresh baked. The company is agressively seeking sales.